Pool & Spa Services


You name it - we have it! From pool toys to above ground pools to replacement liners to water features, you'll find a variety of quality products at affordable prices in our store.

Pool supplies on display Pool supplies on display Pool supplies on display Pool supplies on display

Liner Replacement

Whether you would like to update or enhance the look of your pool, Carr Pool & Spa Supplies can help. We replace liners in both in-ground and above ground pools.

Pool Renovation

Don't have time to make your pool repairs or maybe you just don't feel comfortable doing the repairs yourself? Our friendly professionals at Carr Pool And Spa Supplies will keep your pool operational and ready to enjoy.

Needing repairs to your pool equipment? Save money by bringing them to us! Bring your pump, filter, or automatic cleaner repairs right to us or call Carr Pool & Spa Supplies for service.

Computerized Water Testing

Computerized Water Testing Station

Balancing your pool water is crucial for protecting your pool, preventing problems down the road and keeping your pool water clear and inviting. When pool water is "balanced," it means that the water chemistry is right where it needs to be to protect the health of swimmers and pool equipment.

Balanced pool water makes swimming more comfortable by preventing eye and skin irritation, while helping the sanitizer work better to control bacteria and keep water clear. Balanced water is also critically important in preventing corrosion of metal components, or deterioration or scale formation on the pool surface. Bring a water sample to Carr Pool & Spa Supplies at opening, then every two to three weeks, and at closing.

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